Aesthetical Environments of Peace Processes

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Linna building, Väinö Linna -auditorium, Address: Kalevantie 5


CMI and Tampereen yliopisto

“One of the more perplexing questions that I often face as a practitioner of peace and mediation is ‘where do we meet?’ and in terms of venue ‘is it suitable?’. Many exercises have been based on analyzing the power dynamics of a venue, drawing principally from legal and business minded approaches to negotiations; but few within the field of international peace mediation have taken seriously an architectural and/or design oriented approach on how aesthetical characteristics of environments relate to a more human centered, less power driven sensibility.”

Itonde A.Kakoma


Itonde A. Kakoma is the Head of Region for Sub-Saharan Africa at CMI (Crises Management Initiative).  Kakoma oversees the dialogue and mediation support efforts of CMI in Sub-Saharan Africa. Prior to CMI, he served as the Assistant Director of the Conflict Resolution Program at the Carter Center, managing the Center’s peace initiatives and supporting President Carter’s efforts in and between Sudan and South Sudan. He was an international observer for Sudan’s National Referendum on the Right to Self-Determination in 2011. Previously, he worked on the Carter Center’s peace initiatives in Liberia, where he was an advisor and report writer for the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission, specifically on the role of traditional and religious communities during the civil war and in peacemaking. Kakoma has served as a guest editor for the Journal of Religion, Conflict and Peace and has worked for the World Council of Churches, consulted for the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue’s Nairobi Bureau, and has advised inter-disciplinary initiatives at Emory University and the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs.

Itonde A. Kakoma's lecture is a part of the programme of the 2016 Ahtisaari Day. After the lecture, an open Ahtisaari seminar will be organised in Finnish at 15-17 in the main auditorium of the main building (address: Kalevantie 4).

Ahtisaari Day is an annual event organised by The Crisis Management Initiative CMI.


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