AFinLA Autum Symposium 2016

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University of Tampere


AFinLA, University of Tampere

The theme of the annual Autumn Symposium of the Finnish Association of Applied Linguistics (AFinLA) encourages symposium participants to reflect on the significance of language awareness and of language use in different contexts. 

For example, what are the characteristics of schools that encourage (multilingual) language awareness? What types of language awareness are necessary in various work communities? Above all, we would like to raise for discussion the relationship between language awareness and growing societal inequality. Can raised language awareness work as a balancing force against increasing inequality? Or does inequality increase hand-in-hand with language awareness?

It is our hope that the theme of the symposium stimulates a lively discussion on language awareness and its significance in various contexts of language use. 


The organizing committee of the symposium:
University Lecturer Suvi Honkanen
University Lecturer  Marja Kivilehto 
Lecturer Sirkku Latomaa  
University Lecturer Niina Lilja 
Emilia Luukka
University Instructor Olga Nenonen 
Adjunct Instructor Laura Pihkala-Posti    

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