BioMediTech Research Day

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Arvo  building, address: Lääkärinkatu 1.



All researchers on Kauppi campus and those interested in research are warmly welcome to join the event!

The speeches/presentations/lectures of Research Day seminar are in auditorium F114. The commercial and poster exhibitions are built in/around the Yellow hall (F025,  floor 0) nearby.
Preliminary programme (subject to change):
08:30–16:30  Scientific seminar for researchers, auditorium F114
09:30–15:00 Commercial/corporate exhibition, Yellow hall, F025, floor 0
08:30–18:00  Poster exhibition is set up whole day in the corridor around the Yellow hall
~16:30–18:00 Researchers available at their posters
Detailed schedule for the day is being updated later on event website. Lunch is at everyone’s own cost.
Registration is needed for the seminar: by latest 16th November 2016 using the form
Abstracts are to be sent the latest on 23rd October 2016 using the form
Please notice that late submissions are not accepted!
During the lunch and coffee breaks there is a possibility to check the corporate and poster exhibition.
Welcome to BioMediTech Research Day 2016 !
Hannu Hanhijärvi,
Director, BioMediTech
Minna Kellomäki
Vice Director, BioMediTech

Additional information

Jonna Rinne, 040 190 1793