Capturing life as it is lived: Research on social media use

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Pinni B building, lecture hall B1097, address: Kanslerinrinne 1.


Institute for Advanced Social Research (IASR)

Dr Christine Syrek, University of Trier

Increasingly, researchers use diary data (frequent reports on events and experiences) to better understand people's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

The aim is to to analyze life as it is lived and capture day-to-day processes. In this lecture, Dr. Syrek will look at the possibilities of diary data, the main designs and their advantages and limitations. With the example of social media use at work and its questionable impact on employees' motivation (‘is it really that bad?'), we will uncover the advantages of diary methods compared to traditional designs and discuss which research questions require which.


IASR Lectures 2016-2017, Autumn


20.09. Staging Freedom: Event, Narration, People
Dr Mahmut Mutman, IASR

04.10. Capturing life as it is lived: Research on social media use
Dr Christine Syrek, University of Trier

18.10. End of Universalism – What about the Nordic Success Story?
Professor emeritus Jorma Sipilä, IASR

01.11. FINLAND 101: Where are we going?
Dr Heikki A. Kovalainen, IASR

15.11. Attributing Political Minds: Narratological Analysis of
Politicians' Online Interviews
Professor Mari Hatavara, IASR

29.11. WHAT'S UP HEALTHCARE? - A peek into the recent trends and future
Dr Liina-Kaisa Tynkkynen, IASR

13.12. Managing Uncertainties of Health in the Age of Risk
Dr Ilkka Pietilä, IASR

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