E-point in Linna library – Come and ask about e-resources

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Linna building, Linna library 1st floor, address: Kalevantie 5




·    Why can’t I open the e-book on my computer at home?
·    Why can’t I download an e-book to my computer?
·    In which service do I need a separate user name?
·    How can I create bookmarks and notes on an e-book?
·    Why can’t I open an article that is linked to Moodle?

Library’s E-point is a place where you’ll get answers to these questions among other things. Come to meet us! You can take your own laptop or tablet along.

You’ll find answers also on our E-book guide. You can even chat with us or book a personal guidance session.



Additional information

Information specialist Aniita Ahlholm-Kannisto,  040 190 4242