How racism, sexism and homophobia nearly killed the Colombian peace accords and how they were salvaged

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Linna 6017, address: Kalevantie 5


Tampere Peace Research Institute TAPRI and PEACE, the Master's Programme in Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research

In early October, the world was shocked when the Colombian people voted against peace. The accords were, amazingly, both feminist and LGBT friendly, and this led to a backlash of homophobic fear mongering from the right, which turned out to be decisive for the no vote. The vote was also sharply divided by race and class in one of the most inequitable countries in the world.

This talk will discuss how these systems of power shaped the vote against peace and how a strong popular movement rose up and pushed for the renegotiation of the accords, which was achieved on November 12. What has changed in the new accords?

About the speaker:

Sara Koopman is a feminist political geographer, a peace studies scholar and Colombianist currently working as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Tampere with the Space and Political Agency Research Group at the School of Management.

She lived in Colombia as a small child and has maintained a connection to the country throughout her life. She has also lived there several times since then. Her doctoral research was on internationals doing a form of peace work in Colombia known as the international protective accompaniment. Her postdoctoral research looks more specifically at how whiteness is entangled with both geographic imaginaries and the imaginaries of peace and development in Colombia.

The event is open for all free of charge. Welcome!

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