IASR lecture: Cross-border Regional Innovation Systems: Conceptual Backgrounds, Empirical Evidence and Policy Implications

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PinniB 1096, address: Kanslerinrinne 1


Institute for Advanced Social Research IASR

A lecture by Postdoctoral Researcher Teemu Makkonen (IASR)

The importance of inter-regional cooperation and innovation are widely accepted in the development rhetoric of the European Union. The highlighted importance of both themes in the context of borderlands has recently led to the coining of a new concept: “cross-border regional innovation system” (CBRIS). The concept surfaced in the literature on economic geography through discourses that emphasised the need for broadening innovation systems to cross-border contexts proposing CBRIS as a comprehensive framework for analysing regional cross-border integration. Since these early discussions, the theoretical backgrounds of CBRIS have been further elaborated through notions of proximity and related variety.

However, little attention has been given to the empirical analysis of the concept, which means that the concept still rests upon and draws policy suggestions based on a thin evidence base. Therefore, an analytical framework, which can be operationalised by measurable indicators of cross-border cooperation in a regional innovation system setting, for empirically validating the concept by examining the levels of integration between cross-border regions has been proposed. The framework has been tested with illustrative empirical cases that (tentatively) demonstrate its feasibility. However, there is still a need for holistic empirical validation of the concept together with the need to understand how suggested policy measures based on CBRIS reasoning have been implemented in border regions, and their effectiveness in promoting cross-border integration.

The lecture is open to all free of charge. Welcome!

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