Stalin's Personal Library: Inside the Mind of an Intellectual Dictator

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Pinni B building, room 3072, address: Kanslerinrinne 1

All staff and students are warmly invited to attend the guest lecture by Geoffrey Roberts, professor of history and international relations at University College Cork, Ireland.

Joseph Stalin was a brutal dictator as well as a bookworm, an avid reader who collected, read and annotated thousands of books, many of which had been banned and written by rivals whom he had purged. Stalin's personal library, which contained some 20,000 volumes by the time of his death, provides a fascinating glimpse into the mind of the 20th century's most intellectual dictator. In his talk, Geoffrey Roberts discusses the notorious dictator and the books that motivated his thoughts and actions.

Geoffrey Roberts is Professor of History and International Relations at University College Cork, a fellow of the Royal Historical Society and a member of the Royal Irish Academy. He is a recognized expert on Stalin, the Second World War, and the history of Soviet military and foreign policy, and has published and edited 27 books and some 60 journal articles and book chapters. His most recent book on Marshal Georgy Zhukov has also been translated into Finnish (Stalinin kenraali: Georgi Zukov. Tammi, 2004).

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