TEKES roadshow: new knowledge and business from research ideas

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Y-kampus, -1 floor, main building, Kalevantie 4


Funding info: 10M€ available

Welcome to hear about the core things related to TUTLI funding and how innovation services are supporting case preparation and execution.

Service director Janne Viemerö from TEKES will be present. Researcher Juhani Linna from TAUCHI, UTA, will share his experiences of Tekes funding.

  • TUTLI basics and what kind of project is in a sweet spot
  • What is needed from a good application ?
  • Preparing the application and TUTLI process stages
  • Typical life-cycle of the project: before – during – after
  • What does TUTLI mean for researchers,  departments and universities ?
  • Experiences from previous rounds of application (the applicant's view on a case)

Preliminary timetable:

  • Time: 10-11, Y-kampus Keskusta, Main Building 1st Floor
  • Time: 12-13, Y-kampus Kauppi, TAMK C-building 1st Floor
  • Time: 13.30-14, Y-kampus Hervanta, Kampusareena
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Tuottaja Miina Makkonen
Y-kampus Keskusta
Tampereen Yliopisto
Päätalo, A0-käytävä

+358 40 6373 812