Encountering Otherness - Social Psychology Conference

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Main building, lecture hall A1, address: Kalevantie 4


UTA School of Humanities and Social Sciences (social psychology)

What does otherness compile of? What makes it possible to encounter otherness? What do encounters bring about?

Encountering otherness conference provides discussions, answers and contradictions. Researchers, professionals and students interested in social dynamics of otherness and encounters are most welcome. Conference plenarists are Erica Burman, Don Kulick, Karmela Liebkind and Kip Jones.

 Following thematic sessions meet at the conference:

1. Kohtaamisia vuorovaikutustutkimuksen valossa
2. Työelämän muutos
3. Social psychological theories in interventions to improve wellbeing / Sosiaalipsykologiset teoriat hyvinvointiin vaikuttamisen interventioissa
4. Social psychology and digitalisation / Digitalisaation sosiaalipsykologiaa
5. Digital media devices as part of everyday interactions / Digitaaliset medialaitteet osana arkisia vuorovaikutuskohtaamisia
6. Gender, otherness and encounters / Sukupuoli, toiseus ja kohtaamiset
7. Self, identity and life course / Minuus, identiteetti ja elämänkulku
8. Doing Otherness and Us-ness in discursive and material practices / 'Meidän' ja 'muiden' muodostuminen diskursiivisissa ja materiaalisissa käytännöissä
9. Encountering and making sense of otherness in the context of ethno-cultural diversity

If you wish to give a paper at the conference, submit your abstract electronically by October 25, 2016. Submittance and registration forms are found at the conference webpage.


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Conference secretary Anna-Maria Vuorinen,
050 509 9110, sppaivat2016@uta.fi