The Ällästikku prize 2016 awarded to the School of Information Sciences

Submitted on Mon, 12/19/2016 - 15:44

The University of Tampere’s Ällästikku prize for the quality and development of education has been awarded to the School of Information Sciences. The prize consists of EUR 10.000 euro and a certificate of honour.

The Ällästikku prize has no set rules; instead, the university’s Teaching Council annually decides upon the grounds and procedures of awarding the prize. This year, the prize was awarded as an acknowledgment for the development of an innovative learning environment that both engages students in multiple ways and has proven its worth in the day-to day life of the university. At the University of Tampere, a learning environment is understood as a learning-related, wide-ranging, multimodal and comprehensive whole of a physical or virtual environment, and the psychological factors and social relationships in which studying and learning take place.

The award-winning combination of learning environments at the School of Information Sciences consists of the following different learning environments: Luuppi ry code workshop, Oasis and SimSpace. The combination acts in order to change the study culture and the relationships between students, teachers and researchers.

In SimSpace, research and teaching meet in a concrete manner. The space also enables cooperation with organisations outside the university.

Oasis creates communality across school borders. Besides being an open meeting place for students, Oasis gives the possibility to build operational models for future working environments.

Luuppi ry’s code workshop changes the ways of learning towards ones that are more communal than before. The workshop was initiated as a response to the students’ need to get more support for their learning, and the School has been active in its development.

As a whole, the learning environments at the School of Information Sciences give students the possibility to bring their own learning projects to be scrutinised and sparred by the wider community. They also create new spaces and ways for students to act as members of the university community. Furthermore, they highlight future ways of studying because the students’ activity to find new ways of learning supports the attainment of learning outcomes alongside teaching organised by staff.

Besides the Ällästikku prize, the university’s Teaching Council awarded an honorary mention for the combination of learning environments at the School of Communication, Media and Theatre. The combination includes the Teatterimonttu theatre and the renewed editorial practice office Harkkari, and the Coriolanus Online project, which was also recently awarded an international education award. The starting point for the development of these learning environments has been a vision of the future and of what kind of skills journalists and actors will need in the future after which the environments were designed accordingly.

The Ällästikku prize is awarded by the University of Tampere’s Teaching Council. The chair of the student union Tamy, Mikael Malkamäki, announced the winner of the prize at the Graduation Ceremony on 16 December 2016.