Radio Moreeni will start broadcasts in Arabic

Submitted on Mon, 02/08/2016 - 10:46

Radio Moreeni will start to broadcast radio programmes in Arabic twice a week. In the half-hour programmes, asylum seekers will use their native language to discuss questions about everyday life, future prospects and the Finnish culture. Each programme will also include a summary in Finnish.

قطة تحول in Finnish Käännekohta, will be heard in Radio Moreeni from Tuesday 9 February at 17.03 and replayed on Fridays at 8.30. The programme will also be available online at the address

The programme is edited by Raman Hussain who moved to Finland from Iraq in 2003. He graduated at the College of Arts at University of Baghdad, Iraq and is currently studying educational science at the University of Tampere. Raman is currently working in a project on honour culture. The Finnish parts of the programme are produced by Raman Hussain in cooperation with Sonja Lampinen.

Radio Moreeni can be heard in Tampere at the 98,4 MHz frequency, on cable at 101,5 MHz and online at the address

For more information, please contact:
Managing editor Päivi Harkko, 050 305 6793
Radio Moreeni

(The text was edited on 9 February as follows: Raman Hussain graduated at the College of Arts at Baghdad University in Iraq.)