Kari Neilimo is the new Chair of the Board of the University of Tampere

Submitted on Tue, 01/17/2017 - 09:57

Senior industrialist and Doctor of Science (Economics) Kari Neilimo was elected Chair of the Board of the University of Tampere. Neilimo serves on the Boards of several companies and has worked, among other things, as chief executive officer of SOK and professor of business economics. He also served as Chair of the Board of the University of Tampere in 2009-2012. Neilimo is an expert on strategic leadership.

“In the recent years, the University of Tampere has been robustly developed as a modern multidisciplinary university providing instruction that is of a high standard both nationally and internationally and engaging in advanced scientific research. The partnerships between the University, society and businesses have also strengthened. Both of these developments will continue in the coming years,” Neilimo says.

The Chair of the Board emphasises the opportunities the University community members have to influence future actions.

“The University is a community of professors, other personnel and students. It is vital that everyone feels that they belong to this community when the University is developed. In the following years, the most important strategic project is the Tampere3 higher education cooperation. The benefits of this endeavour are significant for the University community, the City of Tampere, the Tampere Region and Finland,” he continues.

Seija Ilmakunnas, Director of the Labour Institute for Economic Research, will continue as the Vice-Chair of the Board.

The Board comprises eleven members. In addition to Kari Neilimo they are Systems Specialist Leena Heino, Professor Risto Heiskala, Director Rauno Ihalainen, Director Seija Ilmakunnas, Professor Liisa Kellokumpu-Lehtinen, Student Eero Kiiski, University Researcher Jaana Parviainen, Executive Director Marita Ruohonen, Director Petri Räsänen and Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) Taru Smolander. A more detailed description of the Board members can be found on the University’s website.

In its first meeting of 2017, the Board appointed Helena Laaksonen, Master of Social Sciences, Director of the Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD).

For more information, please contact:
Rector Liisa Laakso, tel. 044 318 0861, rehtori@uta.fi

Interview requests with the newly elected Chair:
Director of Communications Katja Kannonlahti, 040 190 1329, katja.kannonlahti@uta.fi