Prostate cancer diagnostics will be developed in a million euro project

Submitted on Tue, 03/08/2016 - 11:32

The Prostate Cancer Research Center (PCRC) has received Tekes funding for a three-year project that aims to develop diagnostic platforms for personalised cancer treatment. Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation will fund 60% of the project. The University of Tampere, as well as three companies, Genevia Technologies, Abomics Ltd and Jilab Inc., will cover the rest of the budget of EUR one million.

The outcomes of this project will be software programmes and databases that can be utilised in personalised cancer treatment. The existence of different types of cancer cells within a tumor is the main reason why many treatments fail: the drugs succeed in killing some types of the cancer cells, but that only gives space to the resistant cells to grow, and eventually, after a short remission, the tumors reappear with complete resistance to the previous treatment.

Mutations present in all cancer cells are the most promising drug targets

Thus, in order to develop effective treatment strategies, there is a need to identify the so called truncal mutations, which are shared by all cancer cells and are likely to present the best drug targets.

The first aim of the project is to develop diagnostic tools that enable the identification of the truncal mutations from sequence data.

The second aim is to prioritise the drug candidates for truncal mutations, which will help to guide the planning of patient-specific targeted therapies.

The third aim is to develop tools to report the critical mutation data and treatment options to both clinicians and patients.

Identifying the mutations would help diagnostics

“In addition, the project aims to identify the most relevant aberrations in prostate cancer that can be used for diagnostics in this particular malignancy. The project will develop valuable tools to enable personalised cancer treatment,” says the principal investigator, professor Tapio Visakorpi.

The project will be conducted by the Prostate Cancer Research Center at the BioMediTech Institute of the University of Tampere. The PCRC is one of the world’s largest prostate cancer research programmes.

The key investigators of the project are Professor Tapio Visakorpi (PI) and Professor Matti Nykter as well as FiDiPro Professor G. Steven Bova and Professor Teuvo Tammela.

For more information, please contact:
Professor Tapio Visakorpi, tel. +358 40 717 4402

The Prostate Cancer Research Center at the BioMediTech Institute