Alzheimer researcher at the University of Tampere is crowdfunding her research

Submitted on Thu, 03/17/2016 - 10:29
Eloise Mikkonen
Eloise Mikkonen decided to change tactics and seek crowdfunding for her research. Photograph: Jonne Renvall


Eloise Mikkonen, a biochemist investigating Alzheimer’s disease at the University of Tampere, got impatient with the lack of research funding and is now seeking international crowdfunding for her research.

Australian-born Mikkonen came to the University of Tampere in 2007 to work as a biochemist and researcher. Her doctoral dissertation, published in 2011, dealt with the neuropathology and inflammation in Alzheimer’s disease.

The doctoral research showed that genes regulating the inflammatory response may affect the development of the neuropathological lesions associated with Alzheimer’s disease. They may thus participate in the initiation and progression of the disease.

The research data was accumulated from an autopsy series consisting primarily of non-demented cases, so further research is required to confirm the association.

Dr. Mikkonen has continued these studies since returning from maternity leave at the beginning of 2015. The research material biobank has been collected under the direction of Professor Pekka Karhunen at the Department of Forensic Medicine.

“I tried to apply for research funding for a couple of years, but then I decided to change tactic,” Mikkonen says.

“I am now seeking to crowdfund my research.”

“Alzheimer’s is a horrible disease for which there is currently no cure. In recent years, there have been no significant new breakthroughs in understanding the mechanisms and causes of the disease.”

The biobank data would enable examining of the brain lesions caused by Alzheimer’s disease and understanding the aetiology and progression of the disease.

Mikkonen uses the British Walacea crowdfunding platform for her campaign.


Mikkonen’s campaign page

Eloise Mikkonen’s doctoral dissertation in the TamPub institutional repository.

For futher information, please contact: Postdoctoral researcher Eloise Mikkonen, tel. +358 (0)44 293 6236,