Art, EcoJustice, and Education

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Linna building, Väinö Linna auditorium, address: Kalevantie 5


Art-Eco -project

The Closing Conference of Art-Eco Project

We live in the age of eco-social worries. Furthermore, in our desperate attempt to solve global problems, we tend to point our fingers to judge others, instead of acknowledging all of us as equally capable and responsible to act.

Instead of recognizing our interdependence, we seem to divide things to “extreme ends”. People are separated into “us” and “them.” Similarly, the natural environment is seen as something totally separate from the culture created by humans. We even talk about natural and human “resources.”  That who/which is not creating economic wealth is seen as a problem, as a “wasted potential.” The answer to this problem is either taking the other (human, animal, plant, soil) for better, which means for a productive use; or if the other is not worthy of an investment, the solution is to ignore, exclude, or exploit them.

The praise of science and technology has led to the global trend of undervaluing arts in general. The value of artistic experience is difficult to measure objectively, thus it is ever more often considered as a phenomenon with no-worth. The idea of instrumental value, especially defined by economic standards, is impossible to be fitted in the framework of art and arts-based research, which often operates beyond the logic of rationalism, mechanism, individualism, and consumerism.

Art, EcoJustice, and Education is a three-day conference curated by Dr. Raisa Foster (Research Director of Art-Eco Project) and Mr. Jussi Mäkelä (Researcher, Art-Eco Project).

The conference is organized together with the Faculty of Education, University of Tampere.

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