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Pinni A building, room 3064, address: Kanslerinrinne 1


Faculty of Management

System Maturity through the Perceptions and Mindset of Senior Managers at Different Stages of a New Product Development

Guest lecture by Dr. Angela Liew, University of Auckland, New Zealand


This paper examines the system maturity of a management control system at different stages of a new product development. A case study approach was adopted to collect rich data relating to the perceived use and maturity of the management control system. We focused on the perspectives of senior management and over two specific time periods at the start of a six-month period before commercial launch and at the end of a six-month period near commercial launch. The analysis of the qualitative data was performed using a text analytics tool called Leximancer for content analysis.

Through the use of this tool, we found the reasoning and emphasis of senior management had changed from contributing ideas to managing project progress over a six-month period as they learnt to use the management control system. They became more focused on the finer details of market launch such as sales volumes and financial predictions which they never had the opportunities to do so in the past. These changes demonstrated the maturity and evolution of the management control system in the firm that was structured through a commercial information technology called Accolade. Such findings provides us with valuable clues on system maturity, perceptions and thought process of senior management through different stages of a management control system. We also found the involvement and significance of both internal and external champions in supporting and promoting the management control system within the firm. The role of an external champion cannot be overlooked because it plays an important role in imparting knowledge on the subject matter as well as reducing power struggle and internal dispute over how things should be executed within the firm. This is an important finding and contribution for implementing and promoting management control systems in practice.


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