IASR lecture: Growing Inequality in Basic Education

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PinniB 1096, address: Kanslerinrinne 1


Institute for Advanced Social Research (IASR)

A lecture by Senior Researcher Pirjo Lindfors

The lecture is open to all free of charge. Welcome!

Finnish comprehensive schooling has been considered a success story that combines quality with equality in educational outcomes. Equality in education indicates that all students have access to high–quality education, regardless of where they live, who their parents are, or the school they attend. However, resent research results and evaluations have raised a growing concern and public debate of the decline of equality in education.

Notably, the influence of the socio-economic background on learning outcomes has grown and the gap between girls and boys in school performance has widened. Furthermore, there are also concerns over socio-spatial segregation and growing differentiation between schools. In this presentation, I will discuss these crucial topics and highlight the role of health on learning outcomes.

The lecture is based mostly on our research consortium’s resent results on a follow-up study among lower secondary school students in the Helsinki metropolitan area.


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Research Secretary Marjukka Virkajärvi
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