IASR lecture: Time is Honey: The Psychology of Downtime

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PinniB 1096, address: Kanslerinrinne 1


Institute for Advanced Social Research IASR

A lecture by Postdoctoral Researcher Jessica de Bloom (IASR)

A globalized economy, an aging labor force and ICT advancements have led to structural changes in the way work is organized, carried out and experienced. Spatial and temporal boundaries between work and non-work vanish while workload increases. This makes it increasingly difficult for employees to recover from job stress during off-job time such as breaks, evening hours, weekends or holidays.

The prevailing ʻalways on, never doneʼ attitude has detrimental consequences for employee well-being, health and performance. Consequently, recovery as an antagonist of  job stress plays a crucial role in occupational health and is also key to organizational success. In this lecture, Dr. de Bloom will present findings from empirical studies conducted at the University of Tampere and share insights on factors that impede or promote unwinding from work in order to achieve a healthy work life balance, preserve long-term workability and create flourishing organizations.

The lecture is open to all free of charge. Welcome!

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Research Secretary Marjukka Virkajärvi
tel. 050 318 6697