Inclusion of refugees and migrants in education

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Tampere reception centre (former Kauppi hospital), Parantolankatu 6


Let's Work Together action group at the University of Tampere

We invite MA and doctoral students who are studying issues related to the inclusion of refugees and migrants in education to a joint research seminar. If you are interested in discussing your study at the seminar, please sign up by filling an online form and give a short description of your study and your contact details by Tue 31 October 2017. You will be notified about participation by 5 November 2017.

You are also welcome to attend the seminar without a research paper, but please sign up for the event by 14 November 2017 by sending email to one of the contact persons below. The language of the seminar is English.


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Professor Anja Heikkinen
Mohammed Mansoor
Johanna Hietamäki