International Political Economy Student Miniconference

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Main Building lecture hall C7, (Address: Kalevantie 4)


School of Management

Welcome to attend International Political Economy Student Miniconference, which is organized as part of the course POMLFCS3 Advanced Introduction to International Political Economy.
Please register (if you want to have coffee) by 8 December.
In addition to a set of great student presentations on a variety of IPE topics, there is an interesting keynote lecture at the conference: Our guest speaker Matti Ylönen will be giving a lecture based on his article (coauthored with Teivo Teivainen), which won the Amartya Sen Prize in 2015 (Yale University).
International Political Economy Student Miniconference,
Matti Ylönen (University of Helsinki & Aalto University)
”Politics of Intra-Firm Trade: Toward More Democratic Ways of Governing the Global Economy”
11:15 – 11:30 COFFEE BREAK
11:30–12:30 PANEL I
Mine Cetin, Kaisu Karvonen, Reyver Serna & Javier Socolado Parra:
Hidden Neoprotectionism: The Blocking Factors in the EU-MERCOSUR FTA Negotiations
Eleonora Copparoni, Maxine Vorsters & Senja Ihalainen:
Reviewing the Global Gender Gap Index: the Case of Rwanda
12:45–13:45 PANEL II
Yesselin Hermano, Markus Mäki, Berfin Osso & Paolo Pagano:
“Rising Power of the BRICS: Is the World Inclining to Multipolarity?
Petra Elg, Jekaterina Stukane & Lena Smadja:

The Development of Free Education Within the Welfare State: A Case Study of Finland

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Dr. Anni Kangas
University Lecturer (International Relations)
Academic Director (Leadership for Change Master’s Degree Programme)
School of Management, University of Tampere, Finland
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