Internet governance into a new era?

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Main building, Kalevantie 4, meeting room 1



Research centre COMET in the Faculty of Communication Sciences.



Since 1 October 2016, oversight of the technical coordination of the Internet's unique identifiers is vested in the “global multistakeholder Internet community”, instead of the United States Department of Commerce. What does this mean? What are the roles of the stakeholders – private sector, civil society and states?

These questions are addressed in an afternoon seminar at the University of Tampere on Tuesday, 25 April from 13 to 16 (Main building, Kalevantie 4, meeting room 1). The event is follow up of a tradition started after the World Summit of the Information Society at the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication with the title Tampere Internet Governance Symposium (TAMINGOS). Hosted by research centre COMET in the Faculty of Communication Sciences, the event is open to all.

The symposium is opened by Professor Emeritus Kaarle Nordenstreng and moderated by Mr Yrjö Länsipuro (chair of Finnish chapter of the Internet Society).


13.00 Operning

13.15 After the IANA transition, Introduction by Professor Wolfgang Kleinwächter (Germany)

14.00 ICANN is from Venus, UNGGE is from Mars, Introduction by Professor Peixi Xu (China)

14.30 Finnish stakeholder comments, Aleksi Suhonen (TREX), Tapani Tarvainen (EFFI)

15-16 Discussion


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