Making sense of Finnish education

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Kauppi reception centre (Parantolankatu 6) and Marhaban centre (Kaleva church, Liisanpuisto 1, hall 6)


Let´s Work Together- action group

Finnish education in international comparison and from the perspective of refugees and migrants.

Teachers and students from the course Struggles on Education arrange two parallel open seminars with the topic “Making sense of Finnish education”.

We invite you to join the seminars either at the Kauppi reception centre (Parantolankatu 6), or at the Marhaban centre (Kaleva church, Liisanpuisto 1, hall 6).

The course Struggles on Education deals with debates about education and schooling in different historical and cultural contexts, and their relations to economy, politics and environment. You are welcome to discuss, to share your experiences and to make questions.

The seminars are free of charge, and organized by the University of Tampere and the Let´s Work Together- action group.


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