Mechanotransduction & the Cell Niche symposium 2017

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Arvo building, Room F211, address: Lääkärinkatu 1


Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences

This biannual symposium brings together researchers from diverse but inter-related fields, including stem cell biologists, biophysicists and biomaterials scientists, to discuss the use of biomaterials to create artificial cell niches that mimic extracellular matrix. Such materials enable us to study how the mechanical and biochemical characteristics of the matrix influence cellular behaviours via mechanotransduction, including cell-matrix adhesion, migration and differentiation.

Understanding these fundamental biological processes in greater detail is essential for the future development of regenerative therapies and disease models. The symposium is hosted by Dr. Nick J Walters and generously sponsored by the Faculty of Medicine & Life Sciences, University of Tampere. We discuss recent developments and future outlooks relating to the field, as well as challenges we have faced and results we have achieved in developing materials and analysing cell-matrix interactions. The symposium is open for anyone to attend, with a small registration fee of €25.

Thursday 15th June

16:00–19:00 Scientific Session
16:00–16:40 Prof. Molly M Stevens, Imperial College London, UK
Keynote: Exploring and engineering the cell-material interface
16:40–17:05 Dr. Eileen Gentleman, King’s College London, UK
Unravelling how bi-directional cell-biomaterial interactions direct stem cell fate in 3D
17:05–17:30 Assoc. Prof. Vesa P Hytönen, University of Tampere, Finland
Mechanical stability of talin rod controls cell migration and substrate sensing
17:30–19:00 Welcome Drinks & Poster Session, followed by transportation to dinner
19:00–23:00 Networking Session
19:00–late Optional dinner at Ravintola Tiiliholvi, Kauppakatu 10, 33210 Tampere (€47 at participants’ own expense), followed by socialising at Panimoravintola Plevna, Itäinenkatu 8, 33210 Tampere

Friday 16th June

09:00–10:30 Scientific Session
09:00–09:40 Dr. Nicholas D Evans, University of Southampton, UK
Keynote: Collective cell behaviour in long-range mechanosensing
09:40–10:05 Dr. Martin Ehrbar, University Hospital Zürich, Switzerland
Augmenting bone regeneration by PEG hydrogel engineering
10:05–10:30 Ms. Tracy TL Yu, King’s College London, UK
Modifiable 3D hydrogels as regulators of hBMSC differentiation
10:30–14:30 Networking Session
10:30–11:00 Coffee Break
11:00–14:30 Optional canoeing trip on lake Näsijärvi, including lunch break (€40 at participants’own expense)
14:30–15:40 Scientific Session
14:30–15:10 Prof. Jöns Hilborn, Uppsala University, Sweden
Keynote: ECM hydrogels and stem cell niches
15:10–15:35 Assoc. Prof. Oommen P Varghese, Uppsala University, Sweden
Impact of hydrogel cross linking chemistry on bone tissue regeneration
15:35–16:00 Teemu O Ihalainen, University of Tampere, Finland
Mechanotransduction at the nuclear lamina: Role of lamin proteins

Register by 8th June

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Researcher Nick Walters