A Movie Night at Arthouse Cinema Niagara in Kehräsaari

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B-building (address: Kehräsaari, 33200 Tampere)


YTHS, TAMY, Arthouse Cinema Niagara and University chaplain

Pohjolan enkeli - Angel from the North (2017)

A documentary film about Finland and Finnishness, as interpreted through Hugo Simberg’s painting Wounded Angel.

The film invites both Finnish viewers and viewers from other nationalities to contemplate Finland and the Finnish culture and mentality from a unexpected angle: told by Finns and interpreted by a French film maker Jean Michel Roux, the director of the film. Hugo Simberg’s Wounded Angel has remained a conundrum since its creation in 1903, and the artist never during his lifetime commented in public on what the meaning of the work was. What does the work of art mean? Who are the three characters? What has happened?

In the film, Finns with a close relationship to the work of art are interviewed. The work has evoked strong emotions in people, whether to do with tumultuous youth, death, art, compassion, violence in the world, the existence of angels or hope.

The painting is located at Tampere Cathedral, Tuomiokirkonkatu 3b. The grey-granite, tile-roofed church was built on the basis of designs by architect Lars Sonck. The artwork is by painters Hugo Simberg and Magnus Enckell. Tampere Cathedral is considered to be the chief monument of Finnish national romantic architectural style.

Before the movie, a guided tour in English is arranged at Tampere Cathedral at 16:30.

Both the guided tour and the movie are free of charge

This meeting is arranged by YTHS,TAMY, Arthouse cinema Niagara and University chaplain

Registration and more information: marjo.tossavainen@yths.fi



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Marjo Tossavainen, marjo.tossavainen@yths.fi