Neoliberalism and populism

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Pinni B-building, auditorium 1096 (Address: Kanslerinrinne 1)

14th Anniversary Seminar  of the Institute for Advanced Social Research (IASR)


  • 14:15 Opening Words and an Annual Report, Professor Risto Heiskala, Director of the IASR
  • 14:30 Greetings from the University of Tampere, Professor Seppo Parkkila, Vice Rector for Research
  • 14:45 Neoliberalism and Populism, 7x7x7 Panel, Chair: Risto Heiskala,  Seven of our Fellows address the topic from the perspective of seven different political cultures in talks of seven minutes and answer these two questions:
  1. Should the rise of populism be understood as a misplaced revenge of the masses for more than 30 years of neoliberalism?
  2. What will happen next?
  • The panelists:
  1. The UK: Louise Settle
  2. The US: Meyda Yegenouglu
  3. Australia: Zsuzsanna Millei
  4. Russia: Marianna Muravyeva
  5. Turkey: Mahmut Mutman
  6. Hungary: Robert Imre
  7. Finland: Jorma Sipilä
  • Discussion

For references, please see Perry Anderson’s column "Why the system will still win" in LE MONDE Diplomatique.
Ticker introductions include  the following two:

  • On neoliberalism: Michel Foucault: The Birth of Biopolitics. Lectures at the Collége de France, 1978–79. Palgrave, 2008;
  • On populism: Jan-Werner Müller: What is Populism? University of Pennsylvania Press, 2016.



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