NordMedia 2017 conference: Mediated Realities - Global Challenges

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University of Tampere


University of Tampere Faculty of Communication Sciences

The NordMedia 2017 conference takes a critical approach to the mediated realities of contemporary social and cultural institutions, identities and everyday life, and tries to shed light on the debates over mediation and mediatization in relation to global challenges.

The conference focuses on these themes from multiple angles such as journalism, political communication, technology, democracy, gender, cultural studies, arts, philosophy and psychology. The goal is no more, no less, than to try to understand more profoundly the role of the media and communications in contemporary life - worlds, cultures and societies.

The descriptions of the divisions and two temporary working groups continuing their work that started in NordMedia2015 in Copenhagen are published on the conference website

Besides ten divisions, NordMedia conference invites proposals for new temporary working groups to complete academic discussions around the conference theme. Proposals for temporary working groups with contact information of chairs and vice chairs and no more than 300 word must be submitted before 14th November, 2016. Please send your proposals via this form

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For more information, please contact:
Sinikka Torkkola, 358 40 190 9785
Senior Researcher,
Coordinator, NordMedia 2017