SILK –Elsemay Björn Symposium

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FinnMedi 5 building, auditorium, address: Biokatu 12


The Research and Development Center for Ophthalmic Innovations, SILK


12:30 Opening of the Symposium

Hannu Uusitalo, Professor, University of Tampere

12:40 Elsemay Björn Lecture

Einar Stefansson, Professor, University of Iceland

Imaging of retinal functions in retinal and systemic diseases

13:30 Roger Beuerman, Professor, Singapore Eye Research Institute

Proteomics reveals new insights into eye diseases

Coffee break

14:30 Anna Majander, Docent, University of Helsinki, Helsinki University Hospital

Inherited optic neuropathies - updates

15:00 Soile Nymark, Docent, Tampere University of Technology, BioMediTech Institute

Novel roles for ion channels in retinal pigment epithelium

15:30 Heidi Hongisto, PhD, BioMediTech Institute, University of Tampere

Patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cells in modelling retinal diseases

16:00 Closing Remarks

Hannu Uusitalo, Professor, University of Tampere

Attendance is free but registration is required by August 11, 2017

Supported by Elsemay Björn Fund

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