Tatte ry 50 years: Researcher's mobile scavenger hunt

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Main campus, start from the main foyer


Tampere University Association of Researchers and Teachers, Tatte ry

Scan the QR-code*, find the hidden virtual letterboxes on campus, and solve the mysteries of academic life! Is a grant researcher obligated to teach in return for office space? What happens when your project doesn't have enough money to pay your salaries? Do you have to submit your teaching materials to the university for free?

These issues and many others are pondered on a mobile self-defense course. At the end of the track, the participants will be served sparkling drinks. Every participant has a chance to win a delicacy basket. The set-off for the track will be open until 14:00.

*Operates with Android or iOS mobile phones.

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Press and information officer, PhD Jussi Jalonen, Tatte ry
tel. 045 112 5777