Textile Stories about the Climate Change

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University main building A wing corridor, ground floor


UTa/EDU, University of Helsinki/ECRU

How to mediate facts, risks, and uncertainties? Is there a way to put recent research findings into action in schools? Is it possible to reach new dialogues when scientific knowledge of climate change is explored through making crafts?

The works displayed are results of multidisciplinary cooperation between the craft education at the University of Tampere, and paleoclimatological research of the Environmental Change Research Unit (ECRU) at the University of Helsinki.

Textile stories, told by classroom teacher students, refer to both the ECRU´s scientific research based on fossil chronicles stored in lakes, seas and peatlands and the duodji craft culture of the Sámi people. Scientific knowledge about melting ice and past climate change is put into a new material form by using ecological and low-fossil craft techniques, such as natural dyeing and duodji hand loom.

By combining different methods of exploring climate change and fostering dialogue among various languages, we can find ourselves in a position of “unlimited possibilities and the joy of finding” as Tuisku Jarva and Juulia Järvistö conclude in their work titled as Syvällä (Deep).


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Miia Collanus, University Teacher, University of Tampere/EDU,
Maija Heikkilä, Academy Research Fellow, ECRU, University of Helsinki