Thirty Years and Counting: In Search of the Killer App for Haptics

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Pinni A building, Paavo Koli -hall


Faculty of Communication Sciences (COMS)

A guest lecture by Professor Hong T Zan (Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University)

What is haptics good for? For thirty years, I have been working on haptic technologies and applications that I hope will change the world someday. My journey started with sensory substitution systems for people who are profoundly deaf. At the last surge of interest in virtual reality and tele-operated systems more than twenty years ago, I got involved in a series of psychophysical experiments aimed at understanding human perception of mechanical properties via force-feedback displays. Then came the wearable era and I worked on haptics for wearables. More recently, my research has focused on simulation of virtual key clicks, virtual reality for skill training, and speech communication through the skin. In this talk, I will share lessons learned and insights gained through both academic and industrial research. And I will continue to ponder this question with the audience: What is the killer app for haptics?

The lecture is open to all. Welcome!


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Professor Roope Raisamo, roope.raisamo(AT)