Understanding why health promotion interventions work (or not)

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Arvo building lecture hall F025, Kauppi campus, address: Lääkärinkatu 1



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Guest lecture by UTA/SOC Guest Professor, Dr Wendy Hardeman, University of East Anglia, UK:
Understanding why health promotion interventions work (or not)
UK Medical Research Council Guidance on process evaluation of complex interventions
Interventions aimed at changing behaviour of patients, the public and (health) practitioners are complex. In addition to evaluating whether interventions achieve their intended effects, it is crucial to understand why interventions work (or not), whether they are delivered as planned, and how contextual factors influence mechanisms of effects and implementation. These key components of process evaluation can illuminate findings from the outcome evaluation, and inform future adaptations of the intervention and decision making by policy makers, practitioners and commissioners. Wendy recently co-authored UK Medical Research Council guidance on the process evaluation of complex interventions.

She will present the process evaluation guidance, and emphasise the importance of specifying the intervention and hypothesised mechanisms of effects (‘black box’ of the intervention) prior to evaluation. She will use data from process evaluations of interventions to promote physical activity and support medication taking in primary care and the community to illustrate how process evaluation can help explain why interventions do not achieve their intended effects, achieve effects but not as hypothesised, and how process evaluation can inform theory development, future interventions and adaptations to interventions.

Wendy Hardeman is Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology at the School of Health Sciences, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK. She completed her PhD at the University of Cambridge in the application of psychological theory and evidence to the development and evaluation of behaviour change interventions.

Wendy Hardeman’s research focuses on the development and evaluation of behaviour change interventions to prevent and manage long-term conditions such as type 2 diabetes. She uses methods and theories from health psychology and behavioural science to translate evidence into practice, including modelling causal mechanisms of effect and the Behaviour Change Technique Taxonomy v1. Other interests include very brief, scalable interventions in routine health care settings, behaviour change support using mobile health technologies, intervention fidelity, and process evaluation. Wendy is Associate Editor of the British Journal of Health Psychology and was Chair of the Scientific Committee of the European Health Psychology Society and British Psychological Society Division of Health Psychology Conference in Aberdeen, 2016.
Dr Wendy Hardeman - UEA

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