Writing Scientific Journal Articles

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Lecture hall Paavo Koli (Pinni A building)


University of Tampere Doctoral School

Available also live online via Moniviestin.

Language: English

This lecture provides doctoral students with understanding over writing scientific journal articles. The lecture will motivate students to start writing sooner. After the lecture the student will understand what is required from a scientific article and what the related publishing processes entail. The student will know how to approach and write a scientific journal article effectively.

The lecture aims at providing tips to researchers in all fields. Especially starting researchers have experienced the lecture as very beneficial.

 - Practical tips for writing scientific articles
 - Improving chances for acceptance
 - Article logic, beginning and end
 - Editor's viewpoints
 - Group dynamics for writing articles
 - Discussion

Lecturer: Dr Pekka Belt
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Coordinator Olli Nuutinen, olli.nuutinen@uta.fi, 050 421 1096