Education is the subject of economic and political passions everywhere

Submitted on Thu, 08/24/2017 - 12:24

The international EARLI2017 conference on learning and education brings 2,200 researchers from 50 countries to Tampere at the end of August. The theme of the conference is Education in the Crossroads of Economy and Politics - Role of research in the advancement of public good.

“The theme of the conference is especially interesting because education is the subject of economic and political pressures and passions everywhere in the world,” says Professor Eero Ropo, Conference President from the University of Tampere.

“Succeeding in international competition requires highly skilled employees. This outcome may only be produced by high-quality education and teaching. Good teaching and learning that yield results are among the core aspects of first-rate education even though we may not know exactly what those two mean and require in each particular context. Better teaching practices are being developed by experimenting and research plays a crucial role in that work. The numerous presentations given at the conference highlight the results from such experiments,” Ropo continues.

“Education is also subject to many political pressures, such as the quality and effectiveness of education, economic pressures and the questions of which and what kind of values, competences and knowledge are politically desirable and acceptable. Education both maintains culture and attempts to change it. Furthermore, education can be said to be part of the tools that preserve the political status quo in many countries,” Ropo says.

The speakers of the opening panel of the conference titled Educational Science and Policy-Making include Dirk van Damme, Head of the Innovation and Measuring Progress Division (IMEP) of OECD; Kai Sauer, the Finnish Ambassador to the UN; Olli-Pekka Heinonen, General Director of the Finnish National Agency for Education; Liisa Laakso, Rector of the University of Tampere, Professor Manfred Prenzel (Technical University of Munich) and Professor Sanna Järvelä (University of Oulu).

The conference focuses on research in the fields of learning, supervision, teaching and the development of educational organisations. The researchers’ interests include all levels of education from early childhood to primary, secondary, liberal education and occupational training as well as higher education and life-long learning. Altogether, about 1,500 presentations are given at the conference, including papers, posters, demonstrations, workshops and discussion events.

The conference is organised by the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) and the University of Tampere.

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