A festive occasion at UTA - hundreds of students celebrate graduation

Submitted on Tue, 06/12/2018 - 12:59
Valmistujaiset 1/ Kuva: Jenni Toivonen
The last spring festival of the current University of Tampere was organised in June. Graduates will still celebrate in December, but next year students will graduate from the new Tampere University.

Text: Milla Pyyny
Photos: Jenni Toivonen

On Friday, party frocks and dinner jackets filled the main auditorium as the University of Tampere organised a graduation ceremony. The atmosphere was cultured but joyous when the students received the rewards of many years of effort.

Thousands of specialists in various fields of science and arts annually graduate from the multidisciplinary University. At the University of Tampere, the gender distribution is marked because also this year four times more women than men graduated with master’s degrees.

The speeches held at the graduation ceremony praised and encouraged the students. The main speaker, entrepreneur and business angel Sami Somero encouraged the graduates to become entrepreneurs. Somero emphasised that the University was a significant starting from which he was able to embark on his career path.

The graduation ceremony organised this spring was the last but one. From 2019, all bachelors, masters and doctors graduate from the new Tampere University.

valmistujaiset 2/ Kuva: Jenni Toivonen
In the spring semester, nearly 1,000 students graduated from the University of Tampere. Over 400 bachelors, more than 500 masters and forty-one doctors graduated. These figures may still slightly increase because degree certificates are issued until the end of July.


Valmistujaiset 3/ Kuva: Jenni Toivonen
Gaudeamus Igitur rang out in the packed main auditorium. The graduates celebrated with their loved ones and University employees.


Valmistujaiset 4/ Kuva: Jenni Toivonen
Torvikopla Big Band conducted by bandleader and saxophonist Antti Karvonen played jazzy tunes. Most of the band members are students from Tampere.


Valmistujaiset 5/ Kuva: Jenni Toivonen
Salla Syvänen, who had studied journalism, graduated as Master of Social Sciences this spring. Syvänen interrupted her studies for several years in order to work but decided to come back to complete her studies. “When I returned, I realised that the University of Tampere offers a very good scientific education,” she says.


Valmistujaiset 6/ Kuva: Jenni Toivonen
According to Bachelors of Early Childhood Education Jenna Svala and Ilse Forss, the best aspect of the University of Tampere is its versatile range of minor subjects and the free right to study them. The new kindergarten teachers also commend their student association and the fun they had in parties.