Media and the Arctic the topic of a master class week

Submitted on Fri, 02/16/2018 - 12:05

Master class week in Tampere, Finland, 26–30 November 2018

Tampere Research Centre for Russian and Chinese Media (TaRC) will host an international teaching week in the coming November on the theme of Arctic change from the media perspective.

The week is intended for students of both the University of Tampere and students of TaRC’s Finnish, Russian, and Chinese partner universities as well as media professionals, teachers, and researchers. The public events are open to anyone interested in the topic.

The Arctic region is becoming the focus of worldwide interest due to global warming and the utilisation of natural resources. The region has seen the emergence of new industries, environmental pressures and geopolitical tensions. Meanwhile media presentations and discourses are looking for new ways to discuss developments in the region. The theme week offers information and expertise on two areas:

1) Matters relating to the Arctic in Russian and Chinese politics, culture, and media.

2) Journalistic and other media skills necessitated by changes in the Arctic.

The week is built around three masters familiar with Arctic issues who are experienced and acclaimed journalists, documentarists, or other media professionals. The masters come from Finland, Russia, or other countries in the Arctic region. They will share their experiences and expertise and evaluate and give feedback to the participants.

The week begins with an open seminar where participants’ knowledge is updated and enhanced and the above mentioned themes are discussed in the light of recent research data and the experiences of media professionals. The masters invited to the theme week will be the main speakers of the seminar. Experts from TaRC’s Finnish and international cooperation networks will also provide remarks.

The opening seminar acts as an introduction to the next three days, during which the participants work intensively in three small groups, each of which is run by one of the masters along with teachers and researchers from universities belonging to the TaRC network. For three days, each of the small groups focuses more deeply on one theme related to the week’s topics in the areas of expertise of each master. The work involves expert meetings, guided and independent information gathering, analysis exercises, and preparing journalistic presentations.  

In another open seminar at the end of the week, the information and the journalistic insights acquired in the small groups focusing on different perspectives will be gathered and shared with all participants. The researchers will provide comments on the students’ presentations, and the masters will summarise the week in their closing remarks.

The public opening and closing events can accommodate 100-150 participants. Days 2–4 of the week have places for about 50 students. The course is targeted to master’s level students, but it is open also for PhD students and media professionals looking to complement their education. The working language of the event is English.

The week is organised in collaboration with the University of Lapland, Barents Press International, and TaRC’s partner universities. The master class week is sponsored by the C. V. Åkerlund Foundation. The November 2018 theme week is the first in a series of three master courses. The second week, which will take place in 2019, will focus on the role of women and female leadership in the media industry.

Tampere Research Centre for Russian and Chinese Media (TaRC), founded in 2017, is an international meeting place bringing together novel forms of teaching, research, and events. Further information about the centre can be found at

For more information, please contact  TaRC coordinator Mika Perkiömäki (, +358-50-437 7396).