The New Social Research programme: building the team

Submitted on Fri, 03/31/2017 - 15:50

The University of Tampere’s New Social Research (NSR) programme is just commencing. Director of the programme, Professor Rebecca Boden, started her work in January and the first six professors have been appointed.

“We are now calling for applications for a further five. The first job is to get the people in place”, Professor Boden says.

The first professors will start working by August.

“NSR is a a major profiling action which aims to produce knowledge, in collaboration with a range of external stakeholders, that is significantly societally relevant.

“We also aim to build innovative methodologies for social research.”

NSR will work with and across faculties in an interdisciplinary way to stimulate the further development of research practice and contribute to research-led teaching.

“NSR builds on an extremely strong base of the work already done in the University of Tampere. This is an exciting opportunity for UTA to develop and demonstrate its excellence in relevant, robust social research”, Professor Boden says.

NSR aims to operate as an integrated, coherent group of researchers.

“In the early stages we will be discussing together and planning specific projects and work. Whilst all the professors will have their own carefully developed research plans, the next stage is to integrate those, looking for programme synergies and linkages that will make the whole greater than the sum of their parts.

New Social Research

Five associate professor or professor posts in the New Social Research programme