Russian healthcare is seeking to learn from Tampere

Submitted on Fri, 01/19/2018 - 14:09
Hannu Hanhijärvi/ Kuva: Teemu Launis
Hannu Hanhijärvi is conducting negotiations with a research centre in St. Petersburg on behalf of the University of Tampere. Photograph: Teemu Launis

Text: Jaakko Kinnunen

The University of Tampere is negotiating about wide-ranging cooperation with the Almazov National Medical Research Centre which is located in St. Petersburg.

Hannu Hanhijärvi, the former Director of BioMediTech, is conducting the negotiations on behalf of the University of Tampere.

“We are talking about a broad cooperation project that includes the development of education, innovation, research training and strategic research,” Hanhijärvi says.

The University of Tampere already has a cooperation agreement with the Almazov Centre, which is a member of a cluster involving about ten Russian universities. The cooperation agreement with UTA concerns both the Almazov Centre and the cluster.

The Governor’s office of St. Petersburg is also involved in the project.

Hanhijärvi is not yet at liberty to talk about funding, but the aim is to start the concrete cooperation shortly. Thus far, the cooperation has focused on consultation and counselling.

“I strongly believe that we will start practical cooperation projects in the near future. The goal is to have tangible projects in progress before the wood anemones bloom later this spring. All in all, we are talking about very significant cooperation,” Hanhijärvi explains.

Russian health authorities are in the process of developing their healthcare. The biggest goal is to shape thinking and practices towards more patient-centred care.

“Patient-centred care focuses on empowering the patient, which results in health benefits and saves costs,” Hanhijärvi says.