Saudi Arabian teachers come to UTA to benchmark education development

Submitted on Fri, 06/09/2017 - 15:59
Kaikkiaan 20 saudiarabialaista opettajaa vahvistaa kielitaitoaan ja pedagogisia taitojaan Tampereen yliopistossa seuraavan puolen vuoden aikana.
A group of Saudi Arabian teachers has started studying at the University of Tampere. Photo: Jonne Renvall

In the next six months, twenty Saudi Arabian teachers will strengthen their linguistic and pedagogical skills at the University of Tampere. The training programme, which is carried out as a transnational education project, includes studies in the English language and the latest pedagogical theories as well as practical training. The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education pays for the training.

In all, 117 teachers will arrive in Finland where their training is organised by Finland University Inc., which is the joint transnational education company of the Universities of Eastern Finland, Tampere and Turku. The organisers also include HY+ University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education and Omnia Education Partnerships Ltd. The training agreement is worth about five million euros.

“Saudi Arabia is developing its educational system and preparing for future challenges. Our cooperation will support that work,” says Project Manager Anna Hirsikoski from Finland University Inc.

“The aim of the training is to enhance the teachers’ English language skills, exchange ideas with Finnish experts in education science and adopt best practices to be used in Saudi Arabia,” says Project Coordinator Outi Stüber from the University of Tampere.

This training is the first of its kind to be completely carried out at the premises of the Faculty of Education and the Teacher Training School of the University of Tampere. The Faculty of Education has previously completed several transnational education projects in the participants’ home countries.