Top scientists and key opinion leaders invited as honorary doctors by the University of Tampere

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Ceremonial conferment of doctoral degrees at the University of Tampere, 16–18 August 2018
In August, all six faculties of the University of Tampere will organise a joint ceremonial conferment of doctoral degrees and honorary doctorates. In the conferment ceremony, the title of honorary doctor (doctor honoris causa) will be conferred on fifteen distinguished persons representing the fields of academia, society, management and culture. Eight of the conferees are non-Finns.
The honorary doctors of the University of Tampere in 2018

Faculty of Communication Sciences
•    Actor, theatre counsellor Eila Roine
Roine is an artist known from theatre and television, and her work is characterised by curiosity, openness and honesty. Due to the diverse roles she has played, the so-called ordinary woman has become familiar to Finnish viewers.
Academic acting training has a long tradition at the University of Tampere. Professional courses for actors started fifty years ago and continue with the current Näty theatre work.

•    Chief Executive Officer Ilkka Paananen
The CEO of the mobile game development company Supercell represents a corporate culture that embraces creativity and self-governing teams while emphasising the importance of corporate social responsibility.
In the profile of the University of Tampere, games and game culture are prominent fields in research, education, development, and innovation.

•    Professor Nicholas Couldry, London School of Economics, United Kingdom
Couldry is professor of media, communications and social theory and an expert on the relationships between media, communications and social theory, which he has in common with the research conducted at the Faculty of Communications and the research profile of the University of Tampere.

Faculty of Education
•    Professor Michel Vandenbroeck, University of Ghent, Belgium
Vandenbroeck is a highly respected expert whose research concentrates on the policies and practices of early childhood education and cultural diversity. The practical solutions developed by Vandenbroeck’s research team help to take into account the perspectives of families from diverse cultural backgrounds in early childhood education. He has cooperated with researchers at the University of Tampere for many years.

•    Art academic Risto Ahti
Ahti, an esteemed wordsmith from Tampere, is a creative and dynamic author and an active participant in public debate who always defends humanism. Ahti has received several major literary awards, and his poetry has been translated into more than twenty languages. He has also translated the collections of some of the world’s best poets into Finnish. Ahti is a distinguished pedagogue who has also lectured at the University of Tampere and educated many authors.

Faculty of Management
•    Professor R. Edward Freeman, University of Virginia, United States
Freeman is the most prominent stakeholder theorist in the world and a pioneer of corporate ethics research, with strong contacts with businesses and the corporate elite. In the academic community, Freeman is well known for his solicitousness and encouragement of junior colleagues and postgraduate students in particular. His co-operation with researchers at the University of Tampere’s Faculty of Management began in the 1990s. Freeman describes himself as a life-long learner of philosophy, martial arts and the blues.

•    Chief Executive Officer Hille Korhonen
Korhonen, Licentiate of Science (Technology), was appointed CEO of Nokian Tyres in the summer of 2017, a position to which she came from the post of CEO and President of Alko Inc. She has diverse experience of both operational management and board memberships. She is known as a modern, results-oriented leader who enjoys an international environment and listens to both employees and customers. She has also highlighted themes related to reconciling work and family and the personal well-being of business executives.

•    EU High Representative Federica Mogherini
Mogherini, an Italian, has been a key player in international conflict management and diplomacy since 2014, when she was appointed High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. She also plays a central role in international conflict management and diplomacy. As Vice-President of the European Commission, Mogherini has strengthened the cooperation of EU institutions and the effectiveness of policies, in addition to improving the EU’s external relations.

Research on the European Union, political institutions and international relations is a significant and internationally recognised competence area of the University of Tampere’s Faculty of Management.

Faculty of Natural Sciences
•    Programmer and author Linda Liukas
Liukas is a pioneer in new ways of teaching programming. Among other things, she has written and illustrated the book series Hello Ruby, whose creative metaphors enable children to learn about programming, computers, the Internet and artificial intelligence. Liukas has received several major awards, including the European Commission’s Digital Champion of Finland award, the state prize for children’s culture, and the prestigious Chinese design prize DIA Gold. The Hello Ruby books have been translated into twenty-five languages.

The University of Tampere’s Faculty of Natural Sciences emphasises education and cooperation with schools and pupils in mathematics and computing.

•    Professor Aarne Ranta, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Ranta, whose background is in logic, is professor of computer science at the joint computer science department of the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers. His main field of study is grammatical computer linguistics, in particular the Grammatical Framework system developed by his team, which is used for grammar-based machine translation. Aarne Ranta's research group is highly distinguished. It has received Swedish Centre of Excellence funding and has co-ordinated an EU consortium project within the FP7 Framework Programme. The technology Ranta has developed is used by several companies, one of which was set up by Ranta himself. Ranta’s methods have been applied in research conducted at the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences MED
•    Professor Virginia Kraus, Duke University School of Medicine, United States
Dr Kraus is a professor of medicine and a rheumatologist focusing on osteoarthritis. She also directs the Duke Biomarkers Shared Resource. She is past president of the Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OARSI). Professor Kraus’s field of research is close to the research conducted at the pharmacology unit based at the University of Tampere’s Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences.

•    Professor Fritz H. Schröder, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands
Schröder is an emeritus professor of urology who directed a large European prostate cancer screening study in which nearly half of the research subjects were Finns. The Center for Prostate Cancer Research at the University of Tampere was responsible for the Finnish arm of this multi-centre study, and this connection has frequently brought Schröder to Tampere.

•    Nobel Laureate, Professor Shinya Yamanaka, Kyoto University, Japan, and Gladstone Institute for Cardiovascular Research, United States
The scientific excellence of Professor Yamanaka, who received the 2012 Nobel Prize in Medicine and the Millennium Technology Prize, is in the field of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS). With Yamanaka’s help, iPS technology has also been set up at the University of Tampere, and he actively co-operates with the University of Tampere’s Centre of Excellence in Body-on Chip Research.

Faculty of Social Sciences SOC
•    Professor Ute Frevert, Max Planck Institute, Germany
Professor Frevert is the Director of the Center of History of Emotions at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin. She is a pioneer of new social history, gender history and the history of experiences in Europe. The research institute she directs is the world leader in its field and a partner of the Centre of Excellence in the History of Experiences (HEX) at the University of Tampere.

•    Counsellor of social welfare Ristenrauna Magga
Magga’s long career in social welfare has made her an invaluable expert. She has actively promoted the fundamental rights of the Sámi and built up their social and health services. She works as Executive Director of the Sámi National Health and Social Welfare Organisation.

The Rector of the University of Tampere made the decision on the honorary doctors based on the Faculties’ proposals.

The conferment ceremony is a traditional academic celebration consisting of festivities arranged over three days. The conferment ceremony can be seen on the streets of Tampere in the form of the ceremonial procession by the doctors and their companions from the University to Tampere Cathedral.
The head promoter of the ceremonial conferment organised in Tampere on 16–18 August is Teuvo Tammela, a professor of surgery. He is assisted by additional promoters. The conferment ceremony is organised by a committee chaired by Päivi Åstedt-Kurki, a professor of nursing science.

For further information, please visit the conferment ceremony website