The University of Tampere distributes Open Data

Submitted on Thu, 04/06/2017 - 11:42

The University of Tampere has launched service, which enables downloading data, including publication information and implementations of study modules, as Open Data. The service is maintained by the IT Administration.

“The Open Data service fits well in both the operational principles of the University of Tampere and the goals of Tampere3. The service enables students to for example create mobile applications as course projects utilizing the University Data and offer them to the whole community. We are looking forward to seeing what people can come up with! We promise to extend the selection of the data offered via the service whenever there is a chance to do so”, says Jussi Kivinen.

Open Data is raw data licensed as free to use. Anyone can use, edit and distribute the data under different licenses. The objective is to offer data generated by the University for others to use. It can be utilized in research as well. This enables innovations from outside the organization. When the data is opened for everyone, it can be used for other purposes as well, for example visualization and applications. In the best possible outcome, Open Data will benefit the University itself in form of feedback and new ideas.

Open Data can be used in research as well, like the traffic research group of the University of Tampere, which utilizes the open traffic data of the city of Tampere.

Also encouraging to opening data is 6Aika project, where six of the largest cities in The goal is a close cooperation in opening the public data. The project is coordinated by the Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea.

In the first phase, the Open Data of the University of Tampere consists of the study modules of the Open University, the cross-institutional studies of Tampere3, the implementation of the study modules and international exchange destinations and programs. These are only opening gambits: we are looking forward to hearing suggestions for the data the developers would like to access.

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