The University of Tampere receives 1.3 million euros for development cooperation projects

Submitted on Wed, 04/05/2017 - 12:59

Online teaching project in Gaza, management and leadership training in Ethiopia

The University of Tampere has received approximately 1.3 million euros in total for two development coordination projects. One of the projects is an online teaching project implemented with the Islamic University of Gaza in Palestine, and the other focuses on developing management and leadership education of Ethiopian universities.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland has granted a total of 12 million euros for institutions of higher education from the HEI ICI international development cooperation programme for higher education for the period 2017 to 2020. This funding will be used to implement 20 projects in 16 countries, aiming at reinforcing higher education in developing countries. The duration of the projects varies from two to three years.

Exporting university pedagogy to Palestine

The Higher Education in Transition (HET) research group, operating within the Faculty of Education at the University of Tampere, has received 618,879 euros for a cooperation development project in Palestine.

The objective of the project is to educate a group of lecturers participating in a pilot group through online teaching, all from the Islamic University of Gaza, who will then in turn run their own university pedagogy groups within the project.

“The purpose of the project is to support both the establishment of university pedagogy education in Palestine and the spreading and rooting of this education at local level. In addition to this, the project also includes research”, says Vesa Korhonen, the research director of the project and university lecturer at the Faculty of Education, who has prepared the project together with Jyri Lindén, university lecturer in university pedagogy.

Management and leadership education in Ethiopian universities

The Tampere University project focusing on developing the institutional capacity of Ethiopian universities in higher education leadership and management has received 700,000 euros from the development cooperation funds of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

Seppo Hölttä, professor of higher education administration, manages the project, which aims at strengthening leadership and management competence in higher education by starting a shared doctoral education programme with Ethiopian universities.

The purpose of the project is to pass on expertise in higher education administration to Ethiopian universities and to support the development of a university network of higher education administration between Ethiopia, South-Africa and Uganda.

Finnish institutes of higher education interested in developing countries

In recent years, Finnish institutions of higher education have shown a growing interest in developing countries, and the competition for funding from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland has become more intense. This time, the Ministry received 78 applications, the total sum of which is over 43 million euros. In 2012, there were 55 applications.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland funds the HEI ICI (Higher Education Institutions Institutional Cooperation Instrument) programme through its development cooperation funds. The programme is administered by the Finnish National Agency for Education.