UTA gets seven new Academy of Finland -funded projects in cultural and social sciences

Submitted on Wed, 06/06/2018 - 12:42

UTA gets seven new Academy of Finland -funded projects in cultural and social sciences.

The Research Council for Culture and Society decided to fund fifty-three projects, some of which are research consortia formed of researchers in several institutions.

In Academy of Finland -funded projects, researchers receive funding for hiring a research group, research costs, and for co-operation in Finland and internationally. The projects received funding for the four-year period of 2018-2022.

The new Academy of Finland –funded projects at the University of Tampere:

Pia Bäcklund: Justification for agreement-based approaches in Nordic spatial planning: towards situational direct democracy? (JustDe)

Laura Huttunen: Governance and grieving: Disappearing migrants and emergent politics

Asko Lehmuskallio: Banal Surveillance: Unravelling the Causes of and Remedies for the Privacy Paradox (BANSUR)

Maria Mäkelä: Instrumental Narratives: The Limits of Storytelling and New Story-Critical Narrative Theory

Jaana Parviainen: Struggling with Ignorance: Negative Expertise and the Erosion of the Finnish Information Society at the Turn of 2020

Kristina H. Rolin: Social and Cognitive Diversity in Science: An Epistemic Assessment

Tiina Soini-Ikonen: Early Career Teachers’ Professional Agency across four European countries -  Key for Sustainable Educational Change?                                             

The new Academy Projects in cultural and social sciences are funded by 24.4 million euros. In total, the projects at the University of Tampere received approximately 3.1 million euros. The international panel of referees consisted of 164 experts.

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