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Scientists at the University of Tampere (Finland) and the Karolinska Institutet (Sweden) have demonstrated that an enterovirus vaccine can protect against virus-induced diabetes in a mouse model for Type 1 diabetes.


Professor Nykter and University Researcher Ruusuvuori receive MED grants for research on laboratory diagnostic methods and data.


According to the preliminary results from a sleep study, the amount and quality of conscripts’ sleep varies considerably


Due to new treatments and changed attitudes, increasingly more former cancer patients are able to complete their military service


On 16 September, Main Building of the University of Tampere, along with other public buildings in the city, will be floodlit in green, as part of a worldwide event to raise awareness of mitochondrial diseases.


The University of Tampere will organise a joint conferment of doctoral and doctor honoris cause degrees of all the Faculties.


According to Timo Vesikari, vaccinating boys against the HPV virus would protect them against cancer and stop the infection from spreading


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