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On 16 September, Main Building of the University of Tampere, along with other public buildings in the city, will be floodlit in green, as part of a worldwide event to raise awareness of mitochondrial diseases.


The University of Tampere will organise a joint conferment of doctoral and doctor honoris cause degrees of all the Faculties.


According to Timo Vesikari, vaccinating boys against the HPV virus would protect them against cancer and stop the infection from spreading


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A research group at the University of Tampere led by Heikki Hyöty, Professor of Virology, has long pioneered in developing a vaccine that could prevent Type 1 Diabetes. 


BioMediTech and various associations in the field co-organize Europe’s largest biomedical engineering conference.


Olli Lohi and Kaisa Hartikainen granted clinical researcher posts


For the first time, an international research team has established that mitochondria, the energy producers in cells, operate at a much higher temperature of 50 °C.