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Financial Services in the intranet

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Financial Services

Financial Services takes care of services regarding financial administration at the University. This includes planning and budgeting, funding, payment transactions, accounting, internal management accounting, material administration, facilities services, and promoting sustainable development.

Head of Financial Services

Head of Financial Services Päivi Mäntysaari

Main building, room B106, +358 50 428 0887

Contact information of personnel

    Joint Financial Services

    Visiting address: Kalevantie 4, 1st floor in the B wing
    Postal address: FI-33014 UNIVERSITY OF TAMPERE
     +358 3 3551 7108
    Fax +358 3 213 4473

    The e-mail addresses for personnel are in the format.

    Name, titleResponsibilitiesContact
    Ahola Kirsti
    Office Secretary

    Tamperee University Foundation
    Applying for the Foundation's grants (e.g. for theses)
    Reservations, invoices, and rental contracts for guest apartments
    Villa Toni
    Apartment for researchers at Uppsala
    Tickets for the Shrovetide Gala

    Main building, room B108
    +358 40 541 8498

    Hangasmäki Sirpa
    Planning Secretary
    Current Research Information System on scientific and artistic activity SoleCRIS Main building, room A138
    +358 50 318 6393

    Helander Heli
    Financial Secretary

    Accounting and accounts payable

    Main building, room B104
    +358 50 433 6296

    Huoviala Heikki
    Accounging Manager
    Internal budgeting
    Main building, room B107
    +358 40 190 4072

    Lahtinen Pia
    Assistant Accountant
    Liaison person for sales accounting
    Planning information
    Monitoring accounting
    Main building, room B103
    +358 50 318 6627

    Laitinen Hannele
    General management of payment transactions and accounting
    Main building, room B112
    +358 40 190 1391

    Lehtokangas Tommi

    Internal management accounting, statistics and reports Main building, room B117
    +358 50 318 6830
    Lindholm Sirpa
    Financial Secretary
    Sales invoices
    Main coffer
    Main building, room B102
    +358 50 318 6637

    Mäntysaari Päivi
    Head of Financial Services
    Head of Financial Services
    Management of the department
    Budget matters
    Main building, room B106
    +358 50 4280887

    Niemi Arja
    Accounting Planning Officer
    Training and development
    Main building, room B118
    +358 50 420 1483

    Rauhala Pirjo
    Planning Manager
    Planning and reporting

    Main building, room A140
    +358 40 190 1393

    Salminen Anu
    Internal management accounting
    Statistics and reports
    Main building, room B115
    +358 50 421 1075

    Reponen Riitta
    Departmental Secretary
    The department's secretary Main building, room B105
    +358 50 318 6668

    Tervamäki Anne-Riitta
    Financial Secretary
    Internal invoices
    Settling and making entries to the University's revenue accounts
    Main building, room B104
    +358 40 190 1209

    Viikki Jorma
    Project Manager
    SolePRO project management system
    SoleTM working time allocation system
    Main building, room C108
    +358 50 396 9638

    Material Administration

    Name, titleResponsibilitiesContact
    Jokela Kaarina
    Acquisition Secretary
    Handling the invoices for acquisitions
    Main building, room C029
    +358 50 318 6605
    Kanninen Helena
    Acquisition Manager
    Operations of the Material Administration

    Main building, room C030
    +358 40 501 9788
    Kranni Leena
    Acquisition Secretary
    Placing orders
    Fixed assets
    Recycling of furniture
    Main building, room C028
    +358 50 318 6623

    Kuutti Kyllikki
    Acquisition Secretary
    Central storeroom
    Handling invoices
    Internal invoicing
    Main building, room A034
    +358 50 318 6625
    fax +358 3 3551 7670
    Mäkinen Jouni
    Material acquisitions and handling prints
    Receiving supplies and delivering them to units
    Main building, room A033
    +358 50 318 6616
    fax +358 3 219 1002

    Facilities Services

    Name, titleResponsibilitiesContact

    Raatikainen Saana
    Environmental Coordinator

    Ekokampus activities as well as coordinating and preparing matters concerning sustainable development at the University

    Main building, room C230
    +358 40 190 1459

    Vimpari Taina
    Facility Manager
    Managing and developing Facilities Services
    Rental contracts and liaison person duties towards lessors
    Participating in the preparations and execution of constuction projects
    Charging for the schools' fixed facilities
    Reservations and charging for project facilities
    Duties concerning equipping joint use facilities
    Technical property manager for Linna, Virta, and Arvo buildings
    Occupational health and safety officer, head of security, and protection manager of the University

    Main building, room C229
    +358 50 593 4943
    Kalevantie 4, FI-33014 University of Tampere
    +358 3 355 111
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    University of Tampere
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