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Student Exchange Programmes

Doctoral students can apply for an exchange at a foreign university through various exchange programmes. Studying at a foreign university through the exchange programmes is primarily free of charge, and the students are often eligible for an exchange scholarship. It is well-advised to choose a university that suits your field and theme of research and to take into consideration your own language skills and the languages of instruction at the target university.  Your own supervisor might also have recommendations for universities suitable for your research interests.

In the Erasmus programme, the Erasmus student exchange is based on field- and level-specified Erasmus agreements. The Erasmus coordinators of the Faculties  are able to give you more information on the suitable target universities for doctoral studies. The minimum duration of an Erasmus exchange is three months, and you may participate in the exchange programme in every study cycle (bachelor, master and doctoral level).

The ISEP programme enables you to apply to the member universities in the United States, Canada, Latin America, southern Africa, Japan and South-Korea. Some ISEP member institutions accept students at the graduate level. ISEP-exchanges allow you to pay your regular home university tuition, housing and meal fees, and then take the place of a university student abroad; an international student will take your place at your home university. For more information on the ISEP exchange, contact Ms. Sari Hyttinen.

Some of the University’s bilateral agreements allow you to apply for an exchange at a couple of European universities as well as in North-America, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Australia.  Please contact Ms Leena Uski and Ms Sari Hyttinen for further information on exchange options in specific partner universities.

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Further information on student exchanges:

Center for International Education (bilateral agreements and other exchange programmes; staff exchanges)

International Advisers of the Schools (Erasmus agreements; selection of Erasmus students)

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