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Instructions for invoicing

Printable Instructions for invoicing (pdf)

Please find below instructions for invoicing the University of Tampere.

Please use electronic invoicing whenever possible. Electronic invoicing means electronically transmitted invoices, not PDF documents sent by e-mail. Our electronic invoicing service provider is OpusCapita Group Oy.

Please use the following information in your electronic invoices (eInvoices) to the University of Tampere.

eInvoice address:      003701556684
EDI code: 003701556684
eInvoice operator: OpusCapita Solution Oy
Operator ID:       E204503
Contact at OpusCapita Group Ltd: Tel. +358 (0)9 5846 6100, e-mail:

If you are not able to send an electronic invoice, please send a paper copy of your bill by post to the University's address below. UTA will convert your invoice to an electronic one. Please remember to include your own invoicing address on the bill.

The postal address for paper invoices is:

Name of the faculty, unit, etc. that is paying the bill
PO Box 5256
FI-01051 Laskut


In order to ensure that your invoice is immediately processed, please include all relevant information on your bill. In addition to your full contact details, such information may include the name of the faculty, unit, etc., that has placed the order, the name of the person who placed the order, the project name and/or number or any other reference you may have been given. The omission of any of these details will extend the processing time of your invoice.
Please do not include any confidential information such as personal identity codes, health and salary information on your invoice. If any such information is necessary for invoicing, please send it directly to your customer at UTA. However, before doing so, remember to consult your customer about how (in what format etc.) such information can and should be submitted in order to ensure that it can be appropriately handled.
NB! Please only send invoices and their possible attachments to the invoicing addresses above and nothing else. Any other material will be returned to the sender whenever possible. Goods, deliveries and materials must be sent to the University’s postal address – not to the invoicing address. The postal address of the University of Tampere is FI-33014 University of Tampere, Finland.

Please give the IBAN code for your bank account and remember to include your bank’s BIC/SWIFT code. The business ID for the University of Finland within Finland is 0155668-4 and the business ID for outside of Finland is FI01556684.

Further information:

Ms Hannele Laitinen, tel. +358 40 190 1391,
Mr Samuli Lahtinen, tel. +358 50 433 6296,

University of Tampere
Business ID within Finland: 0155668-4
Business ID outside Finland: FI01556684

Kalevantie 4, FI-33014 University of Tampere
+358 3 355 111
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University of Tampere
+358 3 355 111

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