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Apply for an Erasmus exchange for the academic year 2009 - 2010

Application Period: 19 January - 9 February

All undergraduate and postgraduate degree students of the University of Tampere can apply for the Erasmus student exchange programme. You need to be a national of one of the participating countries or hold a permanent residence permit in one of the EU member states. Erasmus agreements are signed on departmental level for a particular subject area. Therefore, priority is given to the major and minor subject students of the signatory department. Applying for an exchange through other departments is also possible. However, applicants need to make sure that it is possible to study their own field at the host university. The host university confirms the acceptance of the incoming Erasmus student by sending him/her a letter of acceptance.

The students who are selected to the programme receive an Erasmus grant, whose amount will be confirmed during the summer (200 euros per month in the academic year 2008–2009). It is possible to participate in the Erasmus exchange programme only once, but in addition to the student exchange, there is also a possibility to go on an Erasmus work placement.

Please see the list of UTA's Erasmus partner institutions with student mobility flows.

For more information on the partner institutions, please contact the departmental advisor of the signatory department or check the universities’ websites. The reference library of the International Office carries study guides from some of the partner institutions as well.

To apply, please fill in the application form.

Please enclose the following documents to your application:
• Curriculum Vitae (in the language of instruction at the host university), e.g. the Europass CV
• ECTS Transcript of Records in English (in pdf format from NettiOpsu)
• Statement of Purpose (in the language of instruction at the host university)
Please submit your application along with all enclosures to the departmental adviser of the signatory department.

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