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Self-archiving instructions

What can you self-archive?

  • Research articles that have been published in refereed journals, conference proceedings or edited books.
  • Other parallel publications such as popular articles, publication series of University departments, other published writings and, if the publication agreement allows it, monographs.
  • Only articles you have written yourself and you have the right to self-archive. This includes articles that have multiple authors, presuming you have obtained permission for self-archiving from all the other authors.

When can you self-archive your article?

  • Your article must be published, in other words you know the page numbers of the article and the issue number of the journal.
  • Publishers’ policies vary and, depending on the publisher, self-archiving becomes allowed immediately after the article has been published in the journal or after the embargo period has expired, for example after 6 or 18 months.

What kinds of permissions are required?

  • Permissions from the authors. If you are an author of a joint publication, you need to confirm the other authors’ permission for self-archiving the article in the institutional repository of the University.

Please note: When you begin writing a joint article, inform your co-authors on the self-archiving policy of the University and request their authorization for the archiving in advance.

  • Permissions to the content you have not produced. You are responsible for getting a permission to self-archive the content in the article you have not produced, such as pictures and tables.

Please note: If you intend to attach images, maps or other materials protected by copyright to your article, ensure permission to their use both in the original publishing platform and in the institutional repository of the University.

  • Permission from the publisher. Library obtains the publisher's permission to self-archive. You can also obtain the publisher's permission by yourself. Information about publisher's copyright and self-archiving policy can be found on SHERPA/RoMEO website. For requesting permission from the publisher of your article, you can use the model form offered by the University.

Which version of your article may you self-archive?

  • The final version (publisher’s version), which has been published in a journal if the publisher allows using it.
  • The final version of the article that has been modified according to the feedback of the peer review, but the layout of which has not yet been processed (post-print).
  • The table below clarifies the different versions of the article.



Publisher's pdf


the version of an article before peer review, submitted to the publisher

the author's final version of an article that has been modified according to the feedback of the peer review, does not have the layout or logos of the publisher

the publisher's final, published, version of an article

Some other terms 

submitted version, author-submitted article

final draft, accepted author manuscript, accepted article, author's accepted manuscript

final published article, version of record, publisher PDF, publisher's version, published journal article

These are also publisher's versions of the article before the final publication: Epub, Ahead of Print, Epub ahead of Print, In Press, Corrected Proof, Online First, Forthcoming Article, Offprint

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